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Mountains circle Seoul on all sides with Namsan (South Mountain) springing up in the center. Although the Han River once marked the southern boundary, the city has sprawled across to the southern side with some 2 dozen bridges crossing it and one subway tunnel underneath. As Korea's capital and most populous city, Seoul represents the country's center for business, education, and modern culture. It offers many activities for everyone, including museums and palaces, parks and mountains, and amusement parks and night clubs.

Just one of the great places to visit in Korea is the Cjeonggwonsa shrine. The shrine was built below the tombs by the royal command of Yeongjo the Great (the 21st King of the Chosun Dynasty) in 1737, who named it Cheonggwonsa. The tablet with Cheonggwonsa written was created by Cheongjo the great (the 22nd King of the Chosun Dynasty) in 1789. Cheonggwon means "virtuous conduct" and "Cheonggwonsa" came from a Chinese sentence by Kongja, describing the virtues of Ilmin-woojoong of the Chinese Chu dynasty.

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