Visit Macau ! 

There are many ways to set about 'discovering' Macau ranging from the more conventional idea of seeing the city from an air-conditioned tour coach to exploring every nook and cranny on your own by bicycle or by the colourful mini-mokes. 

Compact in size, the city of Macau contains a bounty in historical 'hidden treasure' in its quaint, narrow cobblestone-streets enough to keep you engrossed and fascinated for ages. There are, of course, several major points of interest in the city without which no tour of Macau would be complete. Nearly all of these are included on the itinerary of the major tour operators. 

The Macau Municipal Council with the support of several entities, namely the Macau Government Tourist Office, has launched an electronic system to provide information in Portuguese, Chinese and English, called "City Guide", to local residents and visitors.

Using an interactive monitor or "touch screen" which allows users to access any page with a simple touch on the monitor, the guide contains general information about the city and cultural or sports events, like the Macau International Music Festival or the Grand Prix. The information is updated everyday and access to each of the pages takes only a few seconds.

There are City Guides in the Ferry Terminal, Leal Senado, Maritime Museum, New Yaohan Department Store, major hotels such as the Lisboa, Sintra, São Tiago, Grandeur and The Westin Resort, as well as other tourist sites around town.

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