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3000 hotels and resorts with up to 75% discount off published rates for your preview and online reservation. Comprehensive and factual information on all participating hotels and resorts are provided for easy selection. Also includes air ticketing, transfer services, sightseeing and tour packages to assist you in your travel planning. Visit places like Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Laos, China and Malaysia. Visit

Asia Destination Guide

This Destination Guide contains more than 100 country guides and 300 city guides to ensure you have a better idea of the place you intend to visit. Just click on any of the countries to find out more about it.

Travel Notes™ guides you around every country in Asia

Family Vacations in Nepal Explore the mountain kingdom of Nepal. Cheap Asian Vacations Planet Holiday is Asia's premier travel website 

Asiatours Asian Travel Book Asian travel with Asiatours. 60% off hotels brochure rates.

Life in Korea: Travel, Culture, Language Information and activities in South Korea for expatriates, travelers and local nationals in South Korea - all the information you need about living in or traveling to Korea. - International Tourism   Easily find the best travel-related resources on the Web - discount fares, maps, destination ideas, transportation information, travel guides, accommodations, travel news and more. Lombok hotel information with online reservations available and travel advice to enjoy Lombok, one of Indonesia's best kept secrets.

Asia Travel Hotels Resorts Air Ticketing Tours Packages Reservation Asia Hotels and Resorts Reservation Service, Asia Travel Information, Hotels & Resorts in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Dubai, Australia

The Internet Travel Guide Travel information to Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Tibet, and Vietnam and official FAQ of

Asian Travel, Vacations and Tours - Gateway to Asia Customised Tours and Travel to all areas of Asia. We specialise in a personal and friendly service to clients giving you the opportunity to pursue your ideals. We like to treat you as an individual.

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